Shed the Light Nepal employs a pioneering philanthropic approach, drawing inspiration from principles of impact investing and directing them towards our charitable mission. Through this model, your generous contribution possesses the potential to amplify its initial value, creating a lasting impact for years to come.




Philanthropy is a driving force behind the work of charities and non-profit organiaations. It allows these organiaations to make a positive difference in the world by addressing pressing issues, supporting communities in need, and advocating for positive change. Through philanthropy, individuals and institutions can contribute to creating a better, more equitable society.


Impactful Programs

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Capacity Building

Sustainable Initiatives

A Venture Philanthropy website for a charity should effectively engage visitors and encourage them to take action to support the organization’s mission. Here are some key calls to action (CTAs) you might include:

  1. Donate Now: The primary CTA, prominently displayed, inviting visitors to make a financial contribution to the charity. This can include options for one-time donations, monthly pledges, or specific campaign support.

  2. Get Involved: Encourage visitors to become actively engaged with the charity by volunteering their time, skills, or resources. Provide information on how they can contribute and make a difference.

  3. Learn More: Encourage visitors to explore the charity’s mission, programs, and impact through informative content, videos, and success stories. Use this CTA to educate and inspire.

  4. Subscribe: Invite visitors to subscribe to the charity’s newsletter or updates to stay informed about ongoing projects, events, and opportunities to get involved.

  5. Share Our Mission: Encourage visitors to spread the word about the charity through social media sharing or by forwarding informative content to their networks. Provide share buttons and sample posts for easy sharing.

  6. Fundraise for Us: If your charity supports peer-to-peer fundraising or encourages supporters to run their own campaigns, use this CTA to guide them in setting up their fundraising pages.

  7. Join Our Events: Promote upcoming events, fundraisers, and campaigns by inviting visitors to attend or participate. Provide event details and registration options.

  8. Advocate for Change: If your charity engages in advocacy or policy initiatives, encourage visitors to take action by contacting their representatives, signing petitions, or participating in advocacy campaigns.

  9. Partner with Us: If you collaborate with corporations, foundations, or other organizations, use this CTA to encourage potential partners to connect with you and explore collaboration opportunities.

  10. Shop for a Cause: If your charity has an online store where supporters can purchase products or merchandise, use this CTA to drive sales and generate funds for your cause.

  11. Leave a Legacy: Encourage visitors to consider leaving a lasting impact through planned giving, such as bequests, wills, or other forms of legacy donations.

  12. Contact Us: Provide contact information for visitors who have questions, want to discuss potential partnerships, or seek more information about your programs.

  13. Volunteer Opportunities: Highlight specific volunteer opportunities and use this CTA to guide interested individuals to sign up or express their interest.

  14. Success Stories: Share testimonials and stories of the charity’s impact, and encourage visitors to read these stories to better understand the difference their support can make.

  15. Support a Specific Campaign: If your charity is running a specific campaign or initiative, create a dedicated CTA to support that cause, such as “Join the Clean Water Campaign” or “Help Feed Hungry Children.”

Remember to use compelling visuals, persuasive language, and clear instructions for each call to action. Your website’s design and content should make it easy for visitors to navigate and take the desired actions, ultimately furthering your charity’s mission.