At Shed the Light Nepal Orphanage, we are proud to have a unique and dedicated leadership structure that spans continents, comprising both Australian and Nepalese-based committees. This binational collaboration enables us to blend diverse perspectives, resources, and expertise, ensuring that our efforts are culturally informed, sustainable, and impactful. Together, our teams work tirelessly to support, nurture, and empower the children in our care, driven by a shared commitment to creating brighter futures. Meet the passionate individuals behind our mission who bring their unique talents and hearts to the forefront of our work.

Australian Committee 

Carol-Ann Rofe


Carol-Ann Rofe, the passionate President of Shed the Light Australian/Nepalese charity organisation, embodies a profound commitment to empowering vulnerable individuals. At the heart of her leadership is a strong desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Her drive is grounded in the belief that helping others is not just a duty but a part of who she is at her core, driving the organisation’s mission to enhance the quality of life for the underprivileged and create a positive ripple effect in the community.

Karina Fleming 

Vice president and Maleny Nepali Shop Manager

Our Vice President & Nepali Shop Manager, Karina oversees operations with a keen focus on providing sustainable opportunities for the local community. Karina’s commitment to helping others is not just a role but an integral part of who she is, driving Shed the Light’s initiatives to enhance lives and create meaningful change.







Committee Member

My name is Ian. A decade ago, I chose to make Maleny my permanent home, drawn by its peaceful surroundings. Approximately seven years ago, I began volunteering at the local Nepali shop, which has since become a cherished part of my life, almost like a second home. When I am not engaged in volunteer work, I enjoy cycling and exploring the stunning landscapes that Queensland has to offer.



Committee Member





Jennifer has been a vital member of Shed the Light since 2008, now serving as Secretary. With a dynamic career that takes her to remote parts of Australia, she finds joy in the contrasts of her life—from exploring the outdoors to the cherished moments with her three children and six grandchildren. An avid lover of water, nature, and her pot plants, Jennifer is deeply committed to the organization’s mission to foster a brighter future for children. Her involvement with Shed the Light is a testament to her dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the young ones we serve.


Pauline Chandler

Assistant Treasurer 

Pauline serves as the dedicated Assistant Treasurer at Shed the Light Orphanage Nepal, where her financial expertise and compassionate heart are invaluable. A widow and mother of two, she balances part-time work with full-time studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Pauline’s commitment extends beyond academia into community service; she’s deeply involved in her local netball club as an umpire convenor, volunteers as a Justice of the Peace, and contributes to workplace safety at the university. In her spare time, Pauline enjoys quilting, sewing, and daily exercise. Her multifaceted dedication not only supports our mission but also inspires those around her with her resilience and generosity.

Nepalese Committee


Sarin Shrestha


Leading Shed the Light Orphanage in Nepal, Sarin is dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing orphaned children, providing them with a supportive environment, access to education, and opportunities for a brighter future.


Yogendra Adhikari

Vice Chairman

Yogendra Raj Adhikari has dedicated eight years to Shed the Light, demonstrating exceptional commitment. Currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology, Yogendra’s expertise includes Community Intervention Programs and psychological First Aid. He creatively utilizes Acceptance
and Commitment Therapy and Art Therapy to address trauma, displacement, and diversity, showcasing excellence in counseling psychology within our organisation.

Kabita Rana Magar

Committee Member



Ganesh Neupane

Committee Member



Anish Shahi

Committee Member

Anish Shahi is one of Shed The Light’s first batch of children, who joined the orphanage at the age of three and completed his high school studies there as well. Today, he not only serves as a prominent board member, demonstrating an unrelenting commitment to the advancement of Shed the Light’s purpose, but also as a mentor for the other children in the home. He represents the organisation’s spirit of quality and service, with a deep enthusiasm for the cause and commitment of effort to achieve positive change.


Sapana Shah


Sapana Shah, a social worker and visual artist from Sarlahi, Nepal, holds an MFA from Tribhuvan University and is an alumna of the University of San Diego Emerging Leaders Program. Currently a lecturer at Lalitkala Campus, she utilizes positive psychology and neuroscience to teach expressive art to
individuals with disabilities. Through her art, like ‘The Pave of Different Journey’, Sapana highlights the challenges faced by transgender communities in Nepal. Her goal is to use art as a medium for conveying emotions and societal commentary, fostering deeper understanding and appreciation of life. 

Safir Jafar Hussain