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Shed the Light PeaceMakers were asked to conduct a PRA and project design mission in Satyadevi to determine, firstly the feasibility of school reconstruction, and if feasible, to develop the project design proposal to carry out the reconstruction.
Whilst other schools in Satyadevi provide primary education, Shree Bachchhala Devi Higher Secondary School is the only school providing higher education. The school is attended by 677 students. The earthquakes of 25 April and 12 May 2015 damaged all classrooms and offices making them unsafe and unusable. A temporary learning centre has been erected by community members using material such as tarpaulins and roof sheeting donated by some agencies.
In July 2015 a PeaceMakers team visited Satyadevi and, together with Mr Rana Bahadur Tamang, Mr Bala Ram Rizal, members of the Parents and Teachers Association, school administration staff, representatives of Teacher Education Association, Ball Club, other school staff, community members and political representatives conducted a PRA. Through this PRA it was agreed a project design proposal to reconstruct the school would be developed.
This project design proposal was a participatory effort involving interested groups from the school, community and political representatives. The proposal includes the demolition of the existing buildings, removal of all materials ready for the construction of new buildings. The team jointly developed a building design and layout plan. The school will be constructed using new prefabrication technology.
Once materials are onsite a group of engineers will assemble the materials under the supervision and instruction of our PeaceMaker engineer Mr Sujan Shrestha. Where possible community members will be provided training in the new construction process and will assist in assembly. This will build community capacity.

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