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Sapana Shah
Nepal Secretary
  • Nepal Secretary

All art grows from human experience, feelings and thought. Here my art works tells the life about street, I find myself observing the lives on street. Each time I see these streets people they are the part of urban poor. For me street is a platform where I come across many other lives. It is like a stage for real live performance, which gives us cognitive knowledge.

I am also very fascinated to observe the vibrant environment of street lives. The meeting of different people, children, colours, and dynamism of crowd, I am always drawn to their deprived conditions that leave me emotionally shattered. Whether I appreciate or feel disgusted, I have to admit the impact of the situation that I perceive in my mind. This provides infinite possibilities of exploration in my artworks. This art work is my comments to the society such an issues of gender identification. Through this cognitive knowledge I am trying to experience the life of others. I want to show more clearly and resent the message to challenge the society and consider the situations. I don’t have ability to offer the solutions but some comments and resend the message through my art work. I want to convey my ideas and emotions which go beyond the use of words which is only a communication between my art work and the society as it is always a reflection of society weather is adds enjoyment or understanding of life.

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