Our purpose

Shed the Light began when Suzanne Kupiak, Sarin Shrestha, Jafar Hussain and Saha Shrestha saw the need for a Children’s Home to respond to the plight of orphaned and abandoned children. Since the establishment of the Children’s Home in 2003, Shed the Light has expanded its reach to include Women’s Empowerment projects and the formation of the Shed the Light PeaceMakers group and associated projects.

Our vision is a world free from poverty in which every child and young person is reaching their potential and is leading the way in changing the world.

Our mission is:

To work with communities, children and young people in Nepal to facilitate their empowerment and to provide opportunities for sustainable development at the community level by supporting long-term community development. In strengthening families and building communities disadvantage and vulnerability will be addressed.

To meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of orphaned and/or destitute children in our care by providing them with love, care, nourishment, guidance, and the highest level of education so they can grow to reach their potential and be valued and contributing members of society.

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