STL Aging Home

Like many other countries, Nepal is also experiencing a growing demand for aging housing. Facilities that serve the needs of elderly people are in greater demand as the population ages. In Nepal, where the population is aging quickly, there is a need for aging housing. These facilities provide a secure and pleasant environment where elderly people can get medical assistance, emotional care, and socialization. Aging housing is designed specifically to provide elderly people with the aid and care they deserve as they age, along with a comfortable and secure home.

In addition to owning an aging home, periodically we get involved with other aging homes. We visit an elderly home in Pashupatinath and show some movies about gods and goddesses. We periodically serve meals and conduct medical checks in cooperation with the management of the care home.

Shed The Light Nepal has worked effectively for the elderly in the same way it has for children’s homes, women’s empowerment, peacemakers, and handicrafts. And we’ll continue doing all that’s in our capacity to reach out to those who are in need, to provide for them, and to bring a smile to their faces.

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