STL Women’s Empowerment

The decision to establish Shed the Light Nepal Women’s Empowerment (STLNWE) was made because of the number of single mothers who applied for their children to be accepted into the Shed the Light Children’s Home. These mothers wanted their children to have this opportunity because they, themselves, were unable to provide for them. To see the sacrifice these women were willing to make for their children prompted STL to think how they could help the families to stay together and at the same time ensure the children were well looked after and educated.

The Shed the Light Nepal Women’s Empowerment organisation was established as a non-profit organisation in February 2015 with the vision of ‘All women in Nepal have social and economic empowerment and their children able to attend school’.

Shed the Light Nepal Women’s Empowerment operates as a non-profit social organisation. Its mission is for the STL Nepal Women’s Empowerment to play an integral role in the economic empowerment of disadvantaged women and the education of their children.

Prior to the establishment of the formal organisation, STL implemented a pilot project to assess the demand for training and the feasibility of such a project. Under the pilot, premises were leased, seven sewing machines purchased, a trainer engaged and 19 women were trained in garment making. Since becoming a formal organisation a further 12 women have undergone training.

STLNWE Objectives:

  • To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of women from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • To develop and implement a range of training programs for women
  • To develop women’s micro-finance projects and second level training where appropriate.
  • To enable women to meet their children’s educational needs.

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