STL Children Home

Children and young people are the most powerful force for change on the planet. Shed the Light works directly with Nepali children and young people to ensure their health, well-being, safety and development.

One of the first initiatives of Shed the Light was the establishment of a Children’s Home to provide intensive care and support to orphaned children and the most vulnerable children in Nepal. In this home environment the children and young people are loved, nurtured, respected, protected, empowered and educated.

The standard of residential care in the Children’s Home places emphasis on meeting children’s needs for attachment, acculturation and social integration and since 2003 we have seen our first children grow into empowered adulthood and become truly remarkable people who are leading the way for change in Nepal.

Shed the Light continues to provide intensive care and support to children in our Children’s Home. Through our collaborative working relationships with Nepal Scouts, Rotary and other groups in Nepal the children are involved in wide-ranging activities to ensure all-round development.

Recognising and supporting the need for children to stay with their family wherever possible we initiated the Women’s Empowerment project. This project enables women living in poverty and unable to provide adequate care and education for their children an opportunity for economic sustainability.

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