STL PeaceMakers

‘Peace is the greatest weapon for development that any person can have.’    Nelson Mandela

The mission of Shed the Light PeaceMakers it to play an integral role in bringing peace to individuals, families and communities. The organisation was initiated in early 2015 and operates as a non-profit social organisation.

The idea of forming Shed the Light PeaceMakers began incubation during a trip to USA in the first half of 2013 by Sarin Shrestha (Chairperson Shed the Light Nepal). Sarin was invited to visit the US as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), an honour bestowed on very few people. The program centred on youth and community conflict resolution training, with visits to, and meetings with staff from different United States Government Departments, World Bank, Foundation Centre and other relevant government and non-government agencies and organisations.

Sarin gained extensive knowledge of different aspects of conflict and its resolution, including how to work with youth from violent conflict regions, civil society development, capacity building in transitional societies, conflict sensitivity, the connection between trauma and conflict, and the role of the private sector in peace building.

In Ohio the Akron Youth Peace Makers and their work further inspired Sarin to look into setting up an organisation in Nepal that could significantly contribute to the creation of peace and the alleviation of conflict.

Thus, Shed the Light PeaceMakers was born.

Prior to the establishment of the formal organisation, STL implemented a pilot project to assess the feasibility of implementing a wide-reaching program of activities. During this pilot project the informal STL PeaceMakers have initiated and been part of numerous activities within the community such as cleaning cities, awareness raising, health checks and promotion. The PeaceMakers have also taken part in, and supported Rotary activities.

STL PeaceMakers Objectives:

  • To provide support to disadvantaged people from different parts of Nepal e.g. those who live in poverty, are affected by natural disasters or civil unrest, are disabled, single women or those with social, economic, cultural or psychological problems
  • To organise and implement health and conflict resolution programs in schools, care facilities, campuses, villages and other relevant sites
  • To provide skill development training and counselling to those people directly or indirectly affected by any form of conflict.

The Shed the Light PeaceMakers are on the frontlines, making our communities, schools and homes conflict-free and safer places for everyone, especially children and young people.

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