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In Nepal, Shed the Light is a combined effort of three related non-profit, non-partisan organisations: Shed the Light Nepal Women’s Empowerment, Shed the Light PeaceMakers and Shed the Light Children’s Home.

The aim of Shed the Light Nepal Women’s Empowerment is to play an integral role in the economic empowerment of disadvantaged women and the education of their children.

Shed the Light PeaceMakers work to ensure all people live in peace at the individual, community, national and global level.

Shed the Light Children’s Home works directly with Nepali children and young people to ensure their health, well-being, safety and development.

In Australia, Shed the Light Incorporated is a non-profit charity registered at State and Federal, and operating as an incorporated association. Shed the Light Incorporated works in partnership with Shed the Light Nepal to achieve agreed goals.


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